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Video Ringtone call Background | Tech1c1 WhatsApp

Video Ringtone for Call  Background app features 

This innovative Android application transforms the traditional audio ringtone into an immersive video experience. Users can select from a curated collection of video templates or create their own personalized video ringtones. The intuitive interface allows for seamless activation and deactivation of the video ringtone, ensuring a delightful and customizable call receiving experience.

Full Screen Video Ringtone for Incoming Call

This versatile application empowers users to set any music or video as their incoming caller ringtone. It offers a diverse range of caller screen themes with captivating animations, enabling personalized call screens for each contact. Designed for Android phones, the app’s user-friendly interface ensures effortless customization.

Videotone: Video Ringtones App for Android

Videotone presents an extensive library of hundreds of captivating video ringtones, encompassing a wide spectrum of themes from devotional to family-oriented. Users can assign specific video ringtones to individual phone contacts, facilitating easy identification of incoming calls from loved ones.

Video ringtones can be set for specific contacts on Android devices using applications such as Love Video Ringtone For Call, Full Screen Video Ringtone For Incoming Call, and Videotone: Video Ringtones App. These applications offer the following features:

– Assign a specific video as the ringtone for a particular contact.

– Personalize the call screen with visually appealing animations and themes for each contact.

– Easily activate or deactivate the video ringtone as required.

– Select from a diverse range of video ringtone options, encompassing devotional and family themes.

The process typically involves selecting a contact, choosing a video ringtone, and saving the settings. This enables instant recognition of the caller based on their personalized video ringtone.

Theis application for Android offers a unique combination of features that enhance the calling experience and provide financial incentives.

Key Features:

1. Dialer Replacement:

– Replaces the traditional dialer with advanced functionality.

– Visualizes unknown calls with engaging videos, animations, stickers, and more.

2. Bitcoin Rewards:

– Users can earn up to 5,000 Satoshi (a unit of Bitcoin) daily simply by using the app.

3. Spam Blocking:

– Utilizes a robust whitelist model based on an extensive database of billions of numbers to effectively block spam calls while ensuring legitimate callers can reach users.

4. Customizable Caller ID:

– Allows users to personalize their caller ID with photos, videos, Snapchat Bitmojis, stickers, and music.

5. Latest Updates:

– The most recent version (2.7.9) requires Android 7.0+ and includes minor improvements for enhanced user experience.


– Theis Dialer –  app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store by searching for its name or by visiting the APKPure website.

Global Reach:

– With over 10 million downloads across 170 countries, the app has gained significant popularity as a convenient and rewarding way to make calls and earn Bitcoin on Android devices.

Hey, listen up! Wanna make your own video ringtone? Here’s how:

1. Grab a video ringtone app like Love Video Ringtone For Call or Videotone: Video Ringtones App. These apps let you turn any video into your incoming call ringtone.

2. Get the video you want as your ringtone onto your phone. These apps support different video formats.

3. Open the video ringtone app and choose the video you want. The app will then set that video as your incoming call ringtone.

4. You can also tweak the video ringtone by trimming it or adding fade effects using the app’s editing tools.

5. Once you’ve set the video ringtone, it’ll play whenever you get a call on your phone.

It’s that simple! Now you can personalize your phone’s ringtone with your favorite videos.

Video Ringtone Caller ID feature offers several key advantages:

1. Customizable Caller ID: Personalize your caller ID by setting custom photos, videos, stickers, and music to display when you call contacts.

2. Spam Blocking: Vyng employs a robust whitelist model, leveraging a comprehensive database of billions of phone numbers, to effectively block spam calls and ensure only verified callers can reach you.

3. Business Caller ID: For calls from verified businesses, Vyng enhances the caller ID with visual elements such as logos, websites, and reviews, providing valuable context about the caller.

4. Earn Free Bitcoin: The app presents an opportunity to earn up to 5,000 Satoshis (Bitcoin) daily by making calls through the app and participating in the Bitcoin reward wheel.

5. Referral Program: Vyng offers a referral program where both you and your referred friends can earn 500 Satoshis when they start using the Vyng app through your referral.

Vyng utilizes a comprehensive strategy to guarantee the precision of its Caller ID data. This strategy encompasses:

1. Whitelist Model: Video leverages a whitelist model, drawing upon a substantial database of billions of phone numbers, to effectively block spam calls and ensure that only verified callers can connect.

2. STIR/SHAKEN Attestation: Vyng meticulously monitors the STIR/SHAKEN attestation ratings of phone numbers to ascertain that they possess “Full Attestation,” thereby confirming that the number’s owner has undergone thorough verification.

3. Rich Call Data (RCD): Vyng seamlessly integrates RCD technology, empowering carriers to retrieve precise phone number information without relying on external databases. Furthermore, RCD facilitates the display of logos and branded information.

4. Carrier Redress Requests: In the event that Vyng’s numbers are erroneously blocked or labeled, the company promptly initiates carrier redress requests to swiftly resolve these issues.

5. Monitoring and Correction: Vyng maintains a vigilant approach to monitoring the accuracy of its Caller ID data. Any identified inaccuracies are promptly rectified to ensure that users consistently receive highly accurate and reliable Caller ID information.

Through the implementation of these robust measures, Vyng effectively delivers highly precise and trustworthy Caller ID information to its users.

Video Ringtone is an Android application that enables users to engage in cost-free phone calls while simultaneously earning Bitcoin.

Here’s how to set up a video ringtone on the Video ringtone app:

Download and install the Video ringtone app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. 📲

Open the app and browse through the available video categories like music, movies, sports, comedy, etc. to find a video you want to use as your ringtone. 🎶🎥

Tap on the video to select it and then tap “Set as Ringtone”. 🔔

Vyng will now use that video as your ringtone, so whenever someone calls you, the video will play on your screen instead of a regular ringtone. 🤩

You can also upload your own videos to use as ringtones by tapping the “Upload” button in the app. 🤳

Wait for few seconds Download Link 

Click to Download App ✅️

Another cool feature is setting up “channels” where each incoming call will play a different video in the channel. 📲📺

Vyng also offers caller ID, call blocking, and spam detection features to enhance your calling experience. 🛡️

So in summary, Vyng makes it easy to set video ringtones, upload your own videos, and even create video channels to personalize your incoming calls in a fun and engaging way on Android. 🎉

In summary, Vyng stands as a complimentary Android application that compensates users with Bitcoin for making phone calls, while concurrently offering customizable caller identification and spam-blocking functionalities. For a visual demonstration of how to utilize the application, kindly refer to the YouTube tutorial.


Yo, check this out! There’s this cool app called Vyng that lets you earn Bitcoin just by making regular phone calls. It’s totally free to download and use, and you can make up to 5,000 Satoshis (a tiny bit of Bitcoin) every day. All you gotta do is make at least one call a day using the Vyng app, and you’ll get a

chance to spin the Bitcoin reward wheel. Plus, if you invite a friend and they earn 200 Satoshis, you both get an extra 500 Satoshis. The app’s on Android and has over 5 million downloads, with a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. So, it’s legit and there are no hidden fees or catches. Go give it a try!

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