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WhatsApp chat history is a free mobile app developed by Peanut Butter Inc. that allows users to monitor their WhatsApp usage and activity. πŸ“±πŸ“Š The key features of the app include:

– Displaying the online/last seen time of WhatsApp contacts in a clock-like format ⏰

– Providing detailed usage statistics and graphs for the past 30 days πŸ“ˆ

– Enabling tracking of up to 10 different user profiles from a single device πŸ‘₯

– Sending notifications when contacts come online πŸ””

However, the app has been plagued by issues such as constant crashes and inaccurate tracking of some users’ activity, according to user reviews. ⚠️ Additionally, the developer’s response time to user inquiries has been criticized as unacceptable. 🐌

Based on the search results, the precision of the time tracking metrics provided by the WaStat – WhatsApp tracker application appears to be inconsistent:

The application asserts that it provides tech1c1 shortΒ  “precise checks on present WhatsApp online status” and “thorough analytical reporting of usage.” This indicates that the application aims to deliver precise tracking and reporting.

However, numerous reviews mention difficulties with the application, including “frequent crashes” and “some users are not being tracked properly, resulting in inaccurate information.” This suggests that the tracking and reporting may not always be entirely precise.

The application is described as an “advanced WhatsApp tracking application that provides detailed insights into WhatsApp activity,” but the complimentary version restricts tracking to only two contacts, which could impact the comprehensiveness of the usage data.

In summary, while WaStat aims to provide detailed and precise WhatsApp usage tracking, there appear to be some technical issues and restrictions that can affect the reliability of the metrics, based on user reviews. The application may not provide fully precise tracking for all users and usage scenarios.

The reliability of the real-time notifications from the WaStat – WhatsApp tracker application appears to be inconsistent based on the available data.

WaStat asserts that it provides “real-time updates on when a contact is online or offline, providing users with precise information about their activity.” This implies that the application strives to deliver dependable real-time notifications.

However, some user reviews express concerns regarding the application’s performance, citing “constant crashes” and “inaccurate information due to improper tracking of certain users.” These tech1c1 shorts observations suggest that the real-time notifications may not always be entirely reliable.

To ensure the accuracy of notifications from the WaStat – WhatsApp tracker application, consider the following measures:

1. Maintain the application’s most recent version. The developer is actively addressing issues related to notification accuracy, and updates may include bug fixes and improvements.

2. Limit the number of tracked contacts. The free version of WaStat supports tracking up to two contacts, while the paid version allows up to ten. Limiting the number of tracked contacts can enhance the reliability of notifications.

3. Verify your device’s network connection. Network issues or WhatsApp updates can impact tracking accuracy. Ensure a stable internet connection when using the application.

4. Provide feedback to the developer. If you encounter persistent issues with notification reliability, contact the WaStat developer through their support channels. They can investigate and address any problems you are experiencing.

Please consider using an alternative application. The search results indicate that WspSeen may be a viable alternative to WaStat, potentially offering more precise real-time notifications regarding WhatsApp activity.

While you can attempt to enhance the performance and reliability of the WaStat notification system by following the provided steps, the search results suggest that there may be inherent limitations to the application’s accuracy that may be challenging to fully resolve.

WhatsApp chat history new features

WhatsApp chat history app has recently added some new features, according to the latest information:

Real-time online/offline notifications: WaStat now provides instant alerts when a tracked contact comes online or goes offline on WhatsApp. πŸ“²

Last seen timestamp tracking: The app can accurately record and display the last seen time for each tracked contact. ⏰

30-day online activity reports: WaStat generates detailed usage reports showing a contact’s WhatsApp activity over the past month. πŸ“Š

Clock view of online times: Online durations are presented in a convenient clock format to easily see how long contacts were active. πŸ•‘

Tracks up to 10 contacts: The latest version allows monitoring the WhatsApp usage of up to 10 different contacts simultaneously. πŸ‘₯

However, some limitations remain:

The free version still restricts tracking to only 2 contacts. 🚫

There are reports of the app crashing frequently and not accurately tracking some users’ activity.

More extensive testing would be needed to fully evaluate the reliability of the new real-time notifications and reporting features. πŸ€”

There are a few ways to view someone else’s WhatsApp chat history on another mobile device:

Use a WhatsApp monitoring app like mSpy or KidsGuard. These apps allow you to tech1c1 shorts secretly monitor all WhatsApp activity, including messages, calls, and shared media, on the target device. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Link WhatsApp to another device using the “Linked Devices” feature. This lets you access the same WhatsApp account and chat history on up to 4 devices simultaneously. However, the other person will be able to see the linked device. πŸ“±

Restore a WhatsApp backup from the target device. If you have physical access to their phone, you can back up their WhatsApp data and restore it on your device. But this will only work if you have their Google account details. πŸ“²

Use WhatsApp Web on a computer. If you can briefly access their phone, you can link it to WhatsApp Web and view their chat history on the computer. But they’ll be notified of the linked device. πŸ’»

Hey, listen up! Here’s the deal with using QR codes on WhatsApp to add contacts or share your own info.

Sharing Your WhatsApp QR Code:

1. Open WhatsApp and head to Settings, then tap on “QR code.”

2. You’ll see your personal QR code under “My code.”

3. To share your QR code with others, simply tap the “Share” button and send it via WhatsApp, social media, or any other platform you like.

Adding Contacts via QR Code πŸ“±πŸ“Έ

Open WhatsApp Settings and tap the QR code icon βš™οΈ

Select “Scan code” πŸ‘€

Point your camera at the contact’s QR code or select it from your gallery πŸ“Έ

WhatsApp will automatically add them to your contacts πŸ‘€

A few things to note:

Your QR code is private, but anyone with it can contact you πŸ”’

To reset your QR code, go to Settings > QR code > Reset QR code πŸ”„

The QR code for WhatsApp Web is different and used to link devices 🌐

So in summary, sharing your WhatsApp QR code allows others to easily add you as a contact, while scanning a friend’s code instantly adds them to your contacts. It’s a quick and convenient way to connect on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp usage tracking app that allows you to monitor your or others’ WhatsApp activity. Here’s how to use it:

The app can show your online/last seen time, display time intervals in a clock view, and provide usage statistics for the last 30 days. You can track up to 10 WhatsApp profiles from a single device.

To use WaStat:

– Download and install the app from the Google Play Store.

– Open the app and grant the necessary permissions.

– Add the WhatsApp numbers you want to tech1c1 shorts track by entering them in the app.

The app will then display the online status, last seen time, and usage statistics for the tracked numbers.

You can view the data in a clock-like format or as daily/monthly graphs.

The app also provides notifications when a tracked contact goes online.

WaStat aims to help users better manage their WhatsApp usage by providing detailed tracking and analysis tools. However, some users have reported issues with inaccurate tracking and constant app crashes.


The application operates within the parameters set forth by WhatsApp’s privacy policy and terms of service. It does not engage in any form of unauthorized access or compromise of WhatsApp accounts.

Wait for few seconds Download LinkΒ 

Click to Download App βœ…οΈ

The application may collect certain types of data, including app activity, app information and performance, and device or other identifiers. However, the developer asserts that this data is not shared with any third parties.

The application employs encryption protocols to safeguard data during transmission, and users have the option to request the deletion of their data.

The primary purpose of the application is to assist users in monitoring and managing their WhatsApp usage in a responsible manner. It achieves this by providing comprehensive usage statistics and visual representations over a 30-day period.

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